Tennatron Industries incorporating JSF Electronics and RF Antennas


Domestic & Cable Slope Correction

Cavity filters, duplexers
Adjacent channel filters
Unique VHF filters, capable of rejecting very close frequency signals
Co-channel filter (our unique patented filter specialised use for rejecting signal within a bandpass!)

A TV microwave link 70MHZ I.F suffers from interference from a radio telephone repeater on site, the co-channel filter is used at the interfering frequency without degrading the TV (or other) signal.

Co channel offset interference filter, for television transposers, our unique patented co-channel filter can reject co-channel interference on any offset different to the wanted signal.

Input Filters
For transposers, various models including adjacent channel notches can also be used for low power transposers intermod suppression.

VHF, UHF, single and dual. Large range in stock.

Intermodulation Solutions, effective, economical solutions! Call us!