Tennatron Industries incorporating JSF Electronics and RF Antennas


If you are in a difficult or almost non-existent cellphone or wireless 3G / XT coverage area this is for you!

Just as a good outside television antenna improves reception compared to rabbits ears, this antenna gives vastly improved signal strength and lowers distortion compared to the cell phone or modems own antenna.

This also has the benefit of reducing concerns with R.F. radiation as the R.F. energy is taken away from the cellphone or modem.

Gain of this 12 element antenna is 14dBi (about 15 times signal boost better than the cellphones own internal antenna!) Even much more advantage if the phone / modem is inside a building, can easily be 30dB (1000 times!) better.

The antenna speeds up data as reflection errors are greatly reduced.

It comes complete with a standard 10 meters of low loss cell-foam coaxial cable, and extra cable is available for $35 per 10m length.

This is very suitable for really difficult areas, the antenna is supplied with a FME socket which plugs into a direct connect lead for a Telecom Sierra wireless 580, 595, 595U, 597U, XT 885U, MF668, 306 & 308 T Stick, Vodafone Novatel Merlin U630, XU870, Huawei E618, E800, or Vodem K3805-Z. You can choose one of these. Enquire for others.

It can also be used for other applications, i.e. remote data and the VODAFONE AT HOME System.

For cell phones either a velcro patch flylead, clip on adaptor, or direct connection specific to the cell phone is available, the direct connect socket is usually under a rubber grommet near the top back of the phone. Best results are obtained with direct connection. If in doubt ask regarding your phone model.

Ideal for home use, other buildings, small enough to put in the car boot and use in the countryside. Antenna can be mounted on any vertical pole up to about 40mm diameter.

Both Telecom and Vodafone versions available, and can also be used for other non-cellphone applications within the frequencies 825-890 MHz or 890-960 MHz. It can also be used with computer modems for 3G / T3G. A dual band version is also available.


$236 delivered nationwide for antenna and connector. Rural addresses please add $6. Dual band antenna version add $10 (Telecom / Vodafone / 2Degrees).

Both prices include GST and P&P (via Fastway). A GST invoice is provided.

For more information, phone us on (03) 52 88707, emailĀ Tennatron@xtra.co.nz, or come in and see us at 283 High St, Motueka.